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Rimpact MTB Tubeless Tyre Rim Protection Inserts.

What, Why, When, How?

Rimpact is a foam bike tyre insert that hugs your wheels and absorbs square edge hits so your rims don't have to.

Rimpact was born out of a passion for Mountain Biking, design and continuous improvement. After months of brainstorming on Fire Road climbs, testing numerous different materials, prototypes, shapes and designs the Rimpact Tyre Insert was born.

The Rimpact team didn't stop there, after the insert's initial success through 2018 and 2019 the team continued to modify and evolve it, learning from feedback and performance test results. Eventually re-releasing the Insert with these visually subtle but significant changes as Rimpact ORIGINAL.

The team learned so much from the thousands of Rimpact Bike Tyre Inserts sold around the Globe that they began working on a new Insert from the ground up. The result is the Rimpact PRO, a dual density design, incorporating Rimpact’s high density, closed cell and cross-linked polyethylene foam coupled with an Energy Sensitive outer layer. The result is a lightweight, highly impact absorbent foam insert for tubeless mountain bike and Cyclocross Tyres

Why should I run a Rimpact MTB Tubeless Tyre Insert and how will they affect my riding?

  • Allows riders to tune the tyre pressure to their riding style or grip requirements without damaging rims or burping tyres.
  • Supports the tyre sidewall to reduce tyre roll during hard cornering.
  • Reduces burping by stabilising the tyre bead.
  • Significantly reduces vibration, trail chatter and trail feedback reducing forearm pump.
  • Increases the confidence you'll feel in the bike at higher speeds and over gnarlier terrain.
  • In terms of weight it is light enough to be practically or totally unnoticeable when pedalling.
  • Will get you out of a tight spot by acting as a run flat if you forget your tube when you inevitably do get a puncture or tear your tyre on something sharp miles from civilisation.
  • Available in rim diameters of 27.5" and 29", for standard and wide mountain bike tyres.  A CX PRO version suitable for 700c rims with an internal measurement of 17mm to 25mm has recently been released.



    Australian Mountain Bike - TESTED: Rimpact Pro/Original insert pack

    Singletrack Magazine - "The Rimpact tubeless tyre inserts are some of the best value rim protection you can get"

    The Loam Wolf - "Rimpact have introduced a great contender to the rim insert market"

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