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VIS 360 Pro 600 Lumen Helmet Bike Light

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A featherweight helmet light perfect for cyclists that demand the safety and protection of visibility from all angles. The Vis 360 Pro was designed in response to extensive research on commuter safety and has quickly won the heart of cyclists around the globe concerned about their visibility on roadways. For serious riders that recognize the importance of making themselves highly visible to other vehicles, the Vis 360 Pro is truly an innovative solution that you won't want to ride without. Easy snap mount and micro-USB charging allow the Vis to seamlessly integrate into your cycling experience.

• 600 Lumen Headlight and 25 Lumen Taillight certified to the FL-1 Standard with premium CREE LEDs for optimum visibility day and night
• Dedicated amber side lighting provides maximum safety through intersections and high-traffic areas resulting in 360 degrees of protective illumination
• Optimized for everyday commuting, rear light can also be turned off transforming the system into a featherweight mountain bike helmet light
• Micro-peened reflector on headlight optimizes the beam pattern providing a smooth spot void of distracting hard edges, rear light is concentrated to create a punchy pulsing red beam
• Multiple power settings conserve runtime for adventure rides including a 70 lumen/12 hour option for the longest of tours
• Lightweight universal helmet mounting with a secure clip-on design
• Waterproof construction eliminates the leading cause of bike light failure - water immersion
• Rear light also contains the unit's high capacity lithium-ion battery that is recharged through Micro USB
• Optional Adventure Head Strap transforms Vis 360 Pro into a high performance headlamp

• Lumins Output: High (600), Medium (300), Low (150), Pulse (150), Camp (70)
• Charge time: 360 Min
• Beam Angle: 20° (spot)
• IP Rating (FL-1): 67
• Depth Rating (FL-1): 1 meter
• Impact Resistance (FL-1): 1 meter
• Thermal Management: Passive Cooling
• Fast Charge: No
• Product Dimensions: 25mm x 25mm x 32mm
Vis 360 Pro Manual