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Bike Frame Tube and Tool Storage

Secure your tyre repair tools to your bikes frame with one of Backcountry Researcher's straps. The straps bungee cords to assist with easy loading of the tube and essential repair tools, then wrap around the frame to securely hold them in place. Unlike traditional frame bags that jiggle around and potentially fall off, the strap can be pulled tight to ensure it does not move around, then locked off using the velcro fasteners. Can be mounted anywhere on the frame the strap will fit around, ensuring the perfect solution for any riding type, be it road, gravel or mountain biking.
  • Backcountry Research Mutherload Magnum Frame Mount Strap - Hot Rod Flames

    Mutherload Magnum Frame Mount Strap

    Backcountry Research

    The NEW Mutherload MAGNUM takes all of the original feautres and benefits of the Mutherload and upsizes them by 50%. Employing a 1.5 inch wide band...

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