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Why should I buy Rimpact MTB Tubless Tyre Inserts?

MTB tyre inserts are the next step in the revolution of tubeless mountain bike tyres. What to look for is a system that ads minimal weight to the tyre/rim combination while offering good rim protection, tyre stability, and puncture protection.

Both the shape and volume of air displaced are important considerations.

Shape of the insert will determine the level of rim protection, the ability of the tyre stay beaded correctly thus minimizing burping, while assisting the tyres side wall to maintain its form reducing the un-nerving feeling of tyre roll during heavy cornering.

The volume of air displaced by the insert and the ability to utilise lower pressures provides infinite tuning opportunities. Lower tyre pressure allows the tyre to conform to the terrain increasing traction, while working with the suspension system to provide the initial dampening reducing tail chatter and rider fatigue.

To run tyre inserts your tyres and rims must be setup as a tubeless system.  We recommend and supply Stans NoTubes, and offer a 10% discount off Stans Notubes Sealant when purchased with Rimpact Tyre Inserts.