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ORIGINAL/PRO MTB Tyre Insert Combo Kit 29 (29er)

by Rimpact
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Let every ride be Epic!

This option is a combination of a lighter Original Insert designed to be run up front and a more protective PRO insert to run in the rear where most harder impacts occur. This way your front tyre can be run at lower pressure for grip without sacrificing support, but the overall set up is ~50g lighter than a full fat PRO set up front and rear.

Rimpact Original/Pro mixed MTB tyre inserts give you the confidence to take on any trail, rail every corner, and send the big jumps without fear of damaging your rims or getting a flat.

How is this possible? Rimpact is inserted into the inner core of the tyre, providing a cushioning layer that absorbs trail impacts to protect the rim and stabilise the tyre sidewall minimising tyre roll and burping. This allows you to run lower tyre pressures, permitting the tyre to efficiently conform to trail obstacles increasing traction, while dampening trail vibrations that lead to forearm pump, and reducing the ability for objects to penetrate the tyre causing a flat.

Rimpact inserts are an engineered mountain bike tyre insert manufactured from high density, closed cell and cross-linked polyethylene foam coupled with an Energy Sensitive outer layer. The result is a lightweight, highly impact absorbent foam insert for tubeless mountain bike tyres that provides the following benefits:

- Dissipates force away from the rim
- Controls rebound increasing traction
- Stabilises sidewalls – reduced tyre roll/burping
- Makes Lower pressures viable
- Dramatically reduces trail chatter

The Energy Sensitive layer incorprated into the Pro insert hardens on impact and dissipates extreme forces across itself and the foam below rather than into the rim. Making this Rimpacts most protective insert, perfect for those that want to push the envelope on every ride.

The kit comes with two un-blockable presta valves made of CNC'd aluminium with horizontal air ports. This design ensures the valve will not block even if the insert shifts. They work with sealant injectors, have removable cores and can be run in a regular tubeless setup.

Suitable for rims with an inner diameter of 23mm - 35mm and tyre widths of 2.3 - 2.6 inches. It is possible to use the insert with narrower or wider tyre but it will increase the difficulty of fitting. Do not purchase if your rims are outside of this spec.

Weight: approx. 95g per insert for 29, and 90g approx for 27.5

Contents Per Pack:
- 1x Rimpact Original MTB Tyre Insert
- 1x Rimpact Pro MTB Tyre Insert
- 2x 44mm Rimpact Unblockable Valves
- 2x Sets of Stickers

To install Rimpact Inserts you will have to convert the the tyre to a tubeless system if you have not already done so.  We recommend Stans NoTubes sealant and rim tape and offer a 10% discount on sealant purchases at checkout when combined with Rimpact Inserts.

- Dissipates force away from the rim
- Controlled rebound increases traction
- Stabilises sidewall for reduced tyre roll
- Makes lower tyre pressures viable
- Does not absorb sealant
Rimpact Installation Guide

Customer Reviews

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Jim Mitchell
2 perfectly shaped pillows for your rims

Very happy to have the combo spinning down there. Went on without hassle. The supplied valve cores are a great universal design. The tyres feel very firm in the hand for a given air pressure. Out on the trail the feel is subtle but reassuring.