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Original MTB Tyre Insert - Single with Valve

by Rimpact
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Let every ride be Epic!

A Rimpact Original MTB tyre insert helps to protect the rim from damage while helping to improve the handling of your bike.

The insert is installed into a tubeless MTB tyre and provides the following benefits to the rider:

- Protects the rim from damage
- Keeps the tyre beaded onto the rim during heavy cornering
- Increased grip
- Permits lower tyre pressures
- Dampens trail vibrations

Weight: approx. 95g per insert for 29, and 90g approx. for 27.5

Contents Per Pack:
- 1x Rimpact Original MTB Tyre Insert
- 1x Un-blockable Valve
- 1x Set of Stickers

- Dissipates force away from the rim
- Controlled rebound increases traction
- Stabilises sidewall for reduced tyre roll
- Makes lower tyre pressures viable
- Does not absorb sealant
Rimpact Installation Guide

Customer Reviews

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Simon Sharples
Stoked on this product

I bought this insert for my rear tyre after denting the rims on my new bike. Most of the trails I ride are very rocky and I want some added protection without having to pump my rear tyre to 30psi and bounce off everything. I installed them yesterday afternoon and it took less than 5 mins to put the tyre (2.6 Hans dampf) on and seat the bead, if you follow the instructions on the rimpact website and know how to use tyre levers properly it's a breeze.
I dropped the pressure in my rear tyre to 26psi today and went for a ride and I'm seriously impressed by this insert! The back wheel had much more grip around berms and didnt bounce off rocks and roots as much.
Can't comment on rim protection because I didn't hit anything square on today but the foam does feel quite dense and of high quality. The tubeless valves are also very nice. I really like the feel of the insert and may end up getting one for the front tyre because these are so cheap.