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NOVA Dynamo / ReePower

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The Nova Dynamo with Reepower is used to power the Nova series of battery free lights.  It can be mounted on either the fork to power the front mounted light or the rear seat stay to power a rea light.  

Contactless Modular System

Powered by Eddy currents, the energy is generated without friction, or even touching the rim, making it incredibly efficient. You’ll never have to think about batteries again. This means that NOVA is always on when riding as well as when stopping for red lights due to the integrated ReePower™ function.

Combine your own set by adding each item to the cart

Important: For a full set, add 1 Front Light and 1 Rear Light + 2 Dynamos to the cart.

Installation Diagram

Reelight Nova install diagram
- Constant light
- Uses no batteries
- Powered by Eddy Currents, generated by a rotating magnet
- ReePower™ Flash, Continues flashing for two minutes
- Tool included (with Dynamo)
- High power road light
- Permanently mounted, Theft proof
- Only for use on aluminium rims
- Not for suspension / wide forks / MTB